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Weaving Unit

Zafar Fabrics is renowned for its large weaving capacity spread over different weaving systems. Our looms are extremely flexible with the different attachments in stock to weave a wide variety of fabrics like duck, twill, satin, hearing bone, and half panama in widths ranging from 36” to 140”. This gives us the flexibility to weave fabric according to specific client requirements. We boost the single largest unit of Auto looms installed in the country, in addition to our Airjet and Sulzer looms.
Auto 800 looms Capacity 1.2 million meters per month
Sulzer 250 looms Capacity 1 million meters per month
Air Jet 100 Looms Capacity 1 million meters per month


We have the option of bleaching on either the state of the art open width bleaching plant or the traditional keir bleaching system. We consider having the both these options very important as this gives us choice of bleaching method depending on the quality of fabric and client requirements.


Our dyeing department consists of open width dyeing systems for dyeing 100% cotton and poly cotton fabrics using direct disperse, reactive and VAT dyes. We use the best available colors to ensure excellent wash results in every class of dyes.

Innovative Designing

Our design department is equipped with the latest CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) systems, 42″HP Plotters, 42″HP Design Jet Scanner 4500. Our capable designers offer new designs for our clients, following modern trends and colors. We also enhance, change and recolor client designs if required to do so.

We have the most flexible screen engraving department capable of engraving repeats of 640MM 820MM 914MM and 1018MM. Our ink jet engraving machine offers high productivity while producing seamless engraving results.

Printing & Finishing

Our printing unit is equipped with a Reggiani printing machine capable of producing 20 colors in repeats of 640mm, 820mm, 914mm and 1018mm. We also added a two color Reggiani strike off table to ensure a good match between samples and production. This printing machine is widely acknowledged to be the best in the business and our print quality has been highly appreciated by our valued clients all over the world.

Embroidery Unit

The in house embroidery section is equipped with most advanced and reliable high speed multi-needle machines. This High-tech equipment provides us a competitive and qualitative edge in producing value added products over our competitors. With the aid of various attachments and software modes, different embroidered effects can be created.

Stitching Unit

We have long forecasted the shift of business towards finished products and have tailored our production capacity accordingly. Over the last decade the proportion of our sales in finished products has steadily risen to 74%. Considering this shift in business we have built a large centralized sewing unit spread over 40000 sq meters. A lot of effort was put in while designing this unit to make it as flexible as possible by using modular layout where we can add and subtract different types of machines depending on our production plans.
Once again our low employee turnover has provided us with loyal, efficient and experienced staff which helps us to produce repeat orders accurately and efficiently. There is an elaborate system of quality checks where each and every piece we ship is checked by permanent quality control staff. A random inspection is then carried out by our specialized quality managers, before the goods are allowed to be delivered to our customers.


Zafar fabrics a wide range of coordinated concepts in all sort of curtains. Bed Linen, Kid’s Bedding, Fashion Bedding. Traditional Bedding and Kitchen Accessories. Here are some of our products.